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Donald McGill Artwork, Jewellery, Gold and Silver Sale on
Wednesday 9th September 2015
Saturday 5th September - 9am - 1pm
Monday 7th September - Strictly no viewing
Tuesday 8th September - 9am - 4pm
Sale commences Wednesday 9th September 2015 at 10.30am
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Today, we welcome back Donald McGill to Worthing, one of the many seaside settings from where millions of his postcards were sent, over many of the decades of the twentieth century.


An essential aspect of the seaside holiday was relishing the choice in selecting a postcard, recording a succinct memory on it, and sending it homeward.  Donald McGill (1875-1962) gave us this wonderful choice. 


Publishers D. Constance Ltd., who ceased trading at Littlehampton around thirty years ago, used an advertising slogan when describing The New McGill Comics – “The Humour is Universal” … and it remains so.  This auction is a lovely opportunity to see but a small number of his ideas, beautifully drawn with radiant colours, combining with his characteristic sense of seaside fun.  


Poor Donald did not enjoy 1954 when he was brought before magistrates at Lincoln Assizes, following a stay in custody and was convicted under the Obscene Publications Act, 1857.  This is central to interest in these comic works of art.  21st century views show Donald’s humour was neither pointed nor offensive.


McGill can be credited with documenting much of the fast-moving twentieth century with innovations of the time; the advent of motoring and those strange traffic lights, cinema in colour, the world wars but this list too long in these lines.  And the old favourites of hen-pecked husbands, the Scotman’s kilt, seductive acquaintances, seaside revelry… again the list too long.  


Dear old Donald last made an appearance at auction in Worthing in 1990, a sale that proved a ground-breaker when his story was told by most of the national newspapers to a gripped readership.  A sale that was estimated to total about 15,000 actually reached 54,000. 


Credit for this record is due to Elfreda Buckland, author of The World of Donald McGill, first published in 1984 by Blandford Press and to her husband, Basil, Copyright Owner, at the time, of The New McGill Comics.  Elfreda and Basil were enthusiasts who left a considerable legacy for us all.


Robert Scott was another enthusiast.  He spent much of his life trying to obtain an example of each of Donald’s 12,500 postcard creations.  He very nearly succeeded and left another fascinating legacy for us. 


Sadly, Elfreda, Basil and Robert have passed on now.  Lovely people and sadly missed. 


However, current times are fertile.  James Bissell-Thomas, current Copyright Owner, has established a Donald McGill Museum at Ryde, Isle of Wight and Bernard Crossley has brought more information to light and thoughts to our consciousness with his excellent recent book, ‘Donald McGill – Postcard Artist’, published 2014 by Greaves & Thomas and available at 30.  The museum and the book are strongly recommended and each is an invitation and a valuable source to a new generation of Donald McGill enthusiasts.  Furthermore, Chris Beetles is a long-standing McGill-admirer and The Chris Beetles Gallery, St. James, London is the venue for periodic selling exhibitions, always offering much informed guidance.   


Donald McGill was once described as “The most popular, hence most eminent English painter of the century”. 


The reader is invited to relish the choice ! 


Paul Campbell

1 - 50
First Session at 10.30am
Artwork measurements are generally 7 x 5in unless otherwise stated
Saucy Seaside Postcards
Page 1
51 - 95
Saucy Seaside Postcards
Page 2
96 - 144
96-115: Saucy Seaside Postcards;
Second Session not to commence before 2pm
The auctioneers are pleased to present The Mr Moseley Sale, a large consignment of jewellery, gold and silver. With some sadness today but much fondness, Paul Campbell remembers meeting Mr Moseley, a former local jeweller, in 1981 and striking a good mutual understanding at this outset. This was the beginning of a smooth business relationship that was to last over thirty years. Campbells are privileged to be working now on behalf of executors and Paul and Melanie are keen to satisfy our late loyal "regular".
116-144: Jewellery and Gold
Page 3
145 - 189
145-157: Jewellery and Gold;
158-189: Silver and Plated Ware
Page 4
190 - 239
Silver and Plated Ware
Page 5
240 - 264
Silver and Plated Ware
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