Antiques, Furniture, Collectables & Household Sale on
Tuesday 14th March 2017
On view:
Saturday 11th March 9am - 1pm
Monday 13th March 9am - 4pm
Lots: 151-200 of 740
Lot 151
An Eastern wool rug, multi-coloured geometric designs against a red field, approx. 10 x 8ft.
Estimate:  £70 - 80
Sold for:   £420
Lot 152
A miniature Georgian-style mahogany bureau, well-fitted interior with nine drawers, two short and three long drawers beneath, 17in. wide
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Sold for:   £160
Lot 153
A Victorian ormolu wall mirror, cast with a bird and foliage in rococo style, 20in. high
Sold for:   £40
Lot 154
A monochrome engraving, Serpentine Arch, signed limited edition by Francis Kelly, and other household pictures
Sold for:   £10
Lot 155
An 18th century coloured map, Worcestershire, another Guild Hall, two silver plated coasters, vintage lamp, pewter measures, etc.
Sold for:   £20
Lot 156
A set of four 19th century quills, rare in original supplier's box, C. Essex & Co.
Sold for:   £110
Lot 157
An assortment of framed decorative pictures
Sold for:   £10
Lot 158
A collection of 18th century and later deeds, some on velum
Sold for:   £50
Lot 159
A BSA Meteor air rifle, in leather case
Sold for:   £45
Lot 160
Two 18th century hand-coloured road-maps, framed, Christchurch, Guildford and Portsmouth, and other pictures
Sold for:   £10
Lot 161
A Victorian inlaid burr yew writing box, with enclosed slope and stationery fittings, boxwood, ebony and engraved brass inlays, 13in.
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £85
Lot 162
Colin Selley - two framed paintings, and other pictures including needlework
Sold for:   £10
Lot 163
A folding leather case, purpose unknown
Sold for:   £10
Lot 164
A middle-eastern wool saddle-bag, geometric designs predominantly in brown and rust, 44in., together with an assortment of table linen
Sold for:   £50
Lot 165
Various wood paper-knives, glove stretchers, mother of pearl card case, etc.
Sold for:   £30
Lot 166
A set of ten Indian gouache paintings, figures at various pursuits, each on transparent sheet
Sold for:   £100
Lot 167
A copper kettle, on stand, assorted brassware, walking sticks, royal commemorative mugs including Laura Knight, unusual musical jewellery casket, etc.
Sold for:   £65
Lot 168
A German army officer's dagger, 9.5in. straight double-edged blade signed Siegfried, Waffen, within sheath, with pommel and belt attachment Shipping arrangements limited. Buyer beware

Estimate:  £200 - 300
Sold for:   £360
Lot 169
A microscope, Reichert, Austria, rotating nosepiece with four objective lenses, circular, mechanical stage, rack and pinion focussing with coarse/fine, plano/convex mirror, in a contemporary wood box
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Lot 170
A monocular microscope, Robinson, Dublin, rack and pinion focussing, plano/convex mirror, in fitted mahogany case with two extra lenses
Estimate:  £150 - 200
Lot 171
A monocular microscope, Millikin & Lawley, London, with adjustable stage, in fitted mahogany case with three additional lenses
Estimate:  £80 - 120
Lot 172
A moncular microscope, Carl Zeiss, Jena, No. 150061, rotating nosepiece with three objective lenses, rack and pinion focussing with coarse and fine adjustment, complete with right-angled stage accessory, plano/convex mirror, in wood case
Estimate:  £80 - 120
Lot 173
A monocular microscope, perhaps E. Leitz, rack and pinion focussing, plano/convex mirror, in fitted case bearing E. Leitz label
Sold for:   £40
Lot 174
A binocular microscope, Smith, Beck & Beck, London, No. 4203, rack and pinion focussing, adjustable circular stage, hinged and adjustable triangular platform, plano/convex mirror, convex mirror damaged, in fitted mahogany case with four additional lenses
Saleroom notice: Estimate 250-350
Estimate:  £250 - 350
Lot 175
A monocular microscope, Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar, No. 184288, rack and pinion focussing with fine adjustment, plano/convex mirror, in fitted mahogany case with three additional lenses
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Lot 176
A monocular microscope, R. & J. Beck Ltd., London - No. 23815, rotating nosepiece with two objective lenses, rack and pinion focussing, plano/convex mirror, in original fitted case with two additional lenses
Estimate:  £200 - 300
Lot 177
A Negretti & Zambra, London binocular microscope, rack and pinion focussing with coarse and fine adjustment, mechanical stage, plano/convex mirror, in fitted mahogany case with seven additional lenses SEE ILLUSTRATION
Estimate:  £250 - 350
Sold for:   £250
Lot 178
A monocular microscope, A. Ross, London, No. 103, rack and pinion focussing, nosepiece with three rotating lenses, mechanical circular stage, plano/convex mirror, in black-painted mahogany case with fittings, four additional lenses SEE ILLUSTRATION
Estimate:  £300 - 400
Sold for:   £340
Lot 179
A monocular microscope, rack and pinion focussing, plano/convex mirror, unsigned, in fitted mahogany case
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Lot 180
A monocular microscope, rack and pinion focussing with fine adjustment, plano/convex mirror, triangular platform, in a mahogany case
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Lot 181
A Gaspert Woolff violin, 'Strad Model', 14in. single-piece back with three bows and accessories, in case, also to include a folding metal music stand
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Lot 182
Laboratory glassware, measures, test tubes, etc.
Sold for:   £30
Lot 183
A collection of laboratory pathological slides, including six labelled trays, canine interest
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Lot 184
Miscellaneous collectables, Ross pocket compass, copper crumb scoop, costume jewellery, etc.
Sold for:   £65
Lot 185
Two African spears, each with applications of stitched leather, 44in., together with an African drum
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Lot 186
A pair of fashion prints, in the style of L. Icart, framed, and a pair of Japanese coloured wood-block prints, signed Koson
Sold for:   £45
Lot 187
A 19th century pencil drawing, Crimean cavalryman and two horses, unsigned, 4.5 x 7.5in., two hand-coloured engravings, Napoleon Bonaparte, and another, Duke of Wellington, all framed
Estimate:  £70 - 80
Lot 188
An eastern carved hardwood portrait bust, perhaps Sri Lankan, youth with elaborate head-dress, 15in.
Estimate:  £50 - 60
Sold for:   £60
Lot 189
An Oriental carved wood rhinoceros, standing four-square, 10.5in. long - one front leg re-attached
Lot 190
A collection of horse-brasses, other brassware and a Salter kitchen weighing scale
Lot 191
An Asprey timepiece, 3in. traditional square dial, architectural walnut case, movement replaced, a cased pair of binoculars, wood model of a three-masted ship, Red Jacket, various framed pictures, two portable typewriters, etc.
Sold for:   £120
Lot 192
A collection of fishing rods
Lot 193
Two brass oil lamps, with glass shades, group of three spelter figural table lamps, two glass torch shades, etc., as viewed
Sold for:   £90
Lot 194
A 1970's Sony Solid State portable television, vintage Ever-Ready portable radio and a Prestinox portable projector
Sold for:   £30
Lot 195
Gentlemens' accessories, carved oak pipe-rack, various pipes, ceramic ash-tray, etc.
Sold for:   £65
Lot 196
An unusually large Victorian pewter flagon, 11.5in., other pewter hollow-ware, two cutlery cases containing cutlery, etc.
Sold for:   £55
Lot 197
A postal scale, with weights, leather attache case, embosser, two glass inkwells, etc.
Sold for:   £50
Lot 198
An assortment of household metalware, coffee grinder, etc.
Sold for:   £25
Lot 199
A pair of silver-mounted copper harvester jugs, 8in., set of six embossed Art Nouveau copper finger-plates, brass letter-opener, miniature brass horn and a small brass mask
Sold for:   £80
Lot 200
An Heeleys Double-Lever corkscrew, two barrel corkscrews, and others
Sold for:   £50