Antiques, Furniture, Collectables & Household Sale on
Tuesday 14th March 2017
On view:
Saturday 11th March 9am - 1pm
Monday 13th March 9am - 4pm
Lots: 201-250 of 740
Lot 201
A collection of pianola rolls
Lot 202
A quantity of table linen, and lace borders, etc.
Sold for:   £70
Lot 203
Fountain pens, makes include Conway Stewart and Watermans, other writing implements and a Paris Stanhope combination quill/letter opener
Sold for:   £60
Lot 204
Small collectables, two cased fans, carved wood bottle-stops, etc.
Sold for:   £55
Lot 205
An Huntley & Palmer's Books biscuit tin, and numerous other household tins
Sold for:   £35
Lot 206
A pair of middle-eastern brass jars and covers, finely-engraved with figures, animals and foliage, 24in.
Sold for:   £50
Lot 207
A Georgian-style yew-veneered wheel barometer, another, similar, wall-hanging clock-barometer, two Victorian boxes, etc.
Sold for:   £45
Lot 208
An ancient bronze signet ring, believed to be circa 4th century A.D.
Estimate:  £70 - 100
Sold for:   £80
Lot 209
The Homing Pigeon National Shield of Merit, Special Prize, 1911, silver embossed in Art Nouveau-style, on oak shield-shape plaque, D.& M. Davis, Birmingham 1911, 15.5in. high
Estimate:  £120 - 150
Sold for:   £150
Lot 210
An early Victorian rosewood tea caddy, sarcophagus-shape with twin handles, 12in. - interior fittings incomplete, together with a Victorian brass-bound walnut writing box with enclosed fittings and slope, 12in., and a bronze-finished portrait roundel, military officer in profile, 7in.
Lot 211
Novelty money banks, including American portrait bust of an officer, 5in. and a cold-painted spelter cockatoo, 5in. - six items total
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £40
Lot 212
A large Baroque-style brass door-knocker, cast with cherubs and masks, mounted upon mahogany shield, shield 12in. wide
Sold for:   £20
Lot 213
A P. Harris Ltd. balance scale, with complete cased set of weights, within painted metal balance case
Sold for:   £20
Lot 214
An 18th century miniature walnut chest, three long drawers with inlaid stringing, 6.5in.
Sold for:   £30
Lot 215
An assortment of ornamental metalware, and an oak-cased mantel clock
Sold for:   £20
Lot 216
A large Victorian brass oil lamp, with unusual opaque glass stem, square base, with shade, converted to electric, 28in.
Estimate:  £50 - 80
Sold for:   £80
Lot 217
An assortment of household metalware, also to include a 1960's coffee table
Sold for:   £15
Lot 218
Two silver-mounted riding crops, a bayonet and two daggers, two large padlocks, etc.
Sold for:   £130
Lot 219
A Diana Mod.1 airgun, 31in. overall. Shipping arrangements limited. Buyer beware
Sold for:   £25
Lot 220
18th and 19th century carved wood panels, including fragments and related carved wood ornaments
Sold for:   £90
Lot 221
Jaques Game of Lawn Bowls, boxed set of woods and jacks
Sold for:   £40
Lot 222
A cased lute, and a Victorian brass-mounted vanity case, 11in.
Sold for:   £65
Lot 223
A Sri Lankan white metal salver, embossed and engraved with inscription, silver-mounted walking stick, trench-art cartridge case, etc.
Sold for:   £50
Lot 224
A Cooke, Troughton & Simms binocular microscope, M2030, magnification X15
Lot 225
Precision instruments, to include cased planimeter, a pocket watch within folding silver case, three wristwatches, also to include a Stobwasser-type papier mache box cover, "The Laughing Congregation", latter modified
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £70
Lot 226
A large 19th century brass telescope, single-draw, adjustable on folding tripod stand, main barrel 34in.
Estimate:  £150 - 200
Sold for:   £150
Lot 227
A small, early 19th century portrait miniature, young lady in profile, indistinctly signed, perhaps G. Smith, 1.5in., in hinged red leather case
Estimate:  £80 - 100
Sold for:   £80
Lot 228
A George III mahogany decanter set, four oblong decanters, each with stopper, shoulders gilded in the style of James Giles, and single wine glass en-suite, mahogany case with hinged cylinder top, circa 1790 SEE ILLUSTRATION
Estimate:  £150 - 200
Sold for:   £160
Lot 229
A London, Brighton and South Coast Railway notice, Royal Special Train from Portsmouth to Victoria, 1876, printed fabric within oak frame, 18 x 14in.
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Sold for:   £50
Lot 230
A Victorian family portrait photograph album, 21 photographs, album poor condition
Sold for:   £45
Lot 231
A vintage Austrian telephone hand-set, together with a Loewe radio speaker, in walnut case, both pre-war
Sold for:   £30
Lot 232
A Victorian mahogany solitaire board, and related ceramic marbles, leather attache case, brass oil lamp, four large framed pictures, etc.
Sold for:   £65
Lot 233
An early Victorian glass bowl, goblet-shape with cut glass detail, annulated knop, 9in., and a silver-mounted glass oil bottle
Sold for:   £40
Lot 234
An early Victorian rosewood tea caddy, inlaid with mother of pearl, sarcophagus-shape with enclosed liners, 9in. - faults
Sold for:   £15
Lot 235
A Victorian rosewood vanity box, with mother of pearl inlay, with key, 10in., together with three small Victorian papier mache snuff boxes, and a modern inlaid jewellery box with musical mechanism
Sold for:   £60
Lot 236
An infant-size eastern European violin, back 10.25in., - faults, with bow, in case
Lot 237
Two silver-mounted walking sticks, similar riding crop, walking case, aluminium shooting stick, contained within ceramic stick-stand, also to include an engraved brass table-top
Sold for:   £85
Lot 238
A collection of alcoholic miniatures, believed to be over 150 total
Sold for:   £35
Lot 239
A Victorian coromandel box, inset retailer's plaque Wedgwood & Sons, Cornhill, with key, 12in., a Victorian rosewood box with inset mother of pearl lozenge, 10.5in. and a shallow walnut and parquetry box, 10in.
Sold for:   £80
Lot 240
Three various musical boxes, walnut jewellery box with brass mounts, pair of silver-mounted book-ends, two framed pictures, etc.
Sold for:   £70
Lot 241
A 19th century percussion pistol, 8in., a double-edged knife, within skin sheath, and two daggers, each within leather sheath Shipping arrangements limited. Buyer beware
Lot 242
A silver-mounted walking stick, cased snooker cue, baton, etc.
Sold for:   £25
Lot 243
A collection of fans, some boxed, various forms of decoration
Estimate:  £70 - 80
Sold for:   £100
Lot 244
A cased carving set, silver-thread belt, and other items
Sold for:   £20
Lot 245
Military cap badges, related buttons, badges and medals
Sold for:   £35
Lot 246
An early 20th century cold-painted lead group, seated African beside seated camel, Victorian tortoiseshell snuff box and other small collectables
Sold for:   £45
Lot 247
A pair of 19th century hand-coloured marine prints, including The Death of Nelson, after J M W Turner, framed
Lot 248
A Ross of London brass-mounted mahogany plate camera, Goerz Patent, together with an Eastman Kodak camera and a pair of Goerz binoculars, in case
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £170
Lot 249
Militaria, including WWII aircraft compass, large capacity Jerry can, US Bugle
Sold for:   £25
Lot 250
An unusual illuminating sign, opaque glass panel colour-printed with portrait bust of HRH Queen Elizabeth, 29in. high
Sold for:   £190