Antiques, Furniture, Collectables & Household Sale on
Tuesday 14th March 2017
On view:
Saturday 11th March 9am - 1pm
Monday 13th March 9am - 4pm
Lots: 251-300 of 740
Lot 251
A khaki uniform and a khaki jacket, one other military jacket and an SS-style peaked cap
Estimate:  £50 - 60
Lot 252
A Third Reich cast aluminium emblem, with eagle surmount, wing-span 13.5in., together with a related photographic-printed poster, "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer!"
Sold for:   £60
Lot 253
Two stained and carved wood malt shovels, 3ft.
Estimate:  £50 - 60
Lot 254
1960's clothing, largely shirts in bright colours, makes include Lady Bayard
Sold for:   £55
Lot 255
A WMF butterdish, cover and stand, sesessionist-style in embossed copper and glass, stand 9in., and other miscellaneous items
Sold for:   £50
Lot 256
A Negretti & Zambra oven thermometer, copper with brass register plate, 14in.
Lot 257
A German carved lime-wood figure, perhaps Oberammergau, young Christian figure wearing coronet and carrying orb, 6.5in.
Sold for:   £30
Lot 258
Military badges and buttons, and a brass buckle, 4th Cheshire Company Volunteer
Sold for:   £40
Lot 259
A pair of Victorian needlework flower pictures, brightly-coloured threads, in oak frames, 15 x 10in., four still life watercolours on card, and a small portrait watercolour
Sold for:   £20
Lot 260
A 19th century Zulu dagger, 10.5in. straight, double-edged blade, within metal-bound wood sheath incorporating belt attachment Shipping arrangements limited. Buyer beware
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £90
Lot 261
A police helmet, Derbyshire Constabulary, together with a copper-finished gladiator helmet and shield en suite
Sold for:   £30
Lot 262
A Victorian satinwood box, 11.5in., small Victorian mahogany box with parquetry cover, 6in., and four other various boxes
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £75
Lot 263
A three-quarter size student's violin, labelled within, The London Violin Co., complete with a bow, signed Tourte, in fitted case, as viewed
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Lot 264
A middle-eastern pot and cover, enamel on metal, bright designs against a blue ground, 4.5in. and a pair of enamelled and engraved brass two-handled jars, 5.5in.
Sold for:   £190
Lot 265
A Victorian rosewood-veneered cribbage board, glass measure within boxwood case, leather dice-shaker, Chinese gourd engraved with fly-catchers, etc.
Sold for:   £55
Lot 266
Theatre Royal, Brighton, 32 production posters, largely 1950's
Sold for:   £55
Lot 267
Miscellaneous collectables, folding knives, unusual folding shoe-horn, etc.
Sold for:   £30
Lot 268
Various compacts, including novelty dual-purpose compact, evening purse, etc.
Sold for:   £45
Lot 269
A replica court-sword, within scabbard, and three fencing swords
Lot 270
A collection of cigarette lighters, including one lighter, 1960's erotic
Sold for:   £45
Lot 271
A 19th century coquilla nut carving, two daggers within sheaths, horseshoe egg-timer, etc.
Sold for:   £50
Lot 272
A brass oil lamp, on pressed glass stem, and an assortment of ornamental brassware
Sold for:   £20
Lot 273
A Victorian walnut and parquetry writing box, and other various boxes
Sold for:   £30
Lot 274
An Arts & Crafts ceiling light in the style of W. A. S. Benson, wrought metal with vaseline glass shade, and another, cylindrical glass shade
Estimate:  £80 - 100
Sold for:   £420
Lot 275
A rectangular pine panel, carved with a female portrait roundel, 24in. high, and a religious carved walnut plaque incised with script, 24in. wide
Sold for:   £30
Lot 276
American money banks, including United States National Bank of Portland, book-form, 17 total
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £55
Lot 277
Two RAF uniforms, each two-piece
Sold for:   £40
Lot 278
A Friden electric Fully Automatic Calculator, model STW, with instruction manual dated 1963
Sold for:   £20
Lot 279
A Victorian dual-purpose walking stick, finely-carved ivory handle in the form of a greyhound with whistle mouthpiece, silver mount hallmarked London 1878 Shipping arrangements limited. Buyer beware
Estimate:  £200 - 250
Sold for:   £550
Lot 280
A late 19th century coromandel stationery box, with elaborate pierced brass mounts, domed top enclosing fittings, 9in.
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Sold for:   £100
Lot 281
A late 19th century coromandel stationery box, with angular brass mounts, domed top enclosing fittings, 9in.
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Sold for:   £90
Lot 282
A 19th century engraved yellow metal lorgnette, indistinctly marked, 2.75in.
Lot 283
A copper Anchor lamp, Ashe's Kaffeecanne, bronze horse model, two cloisonne items, etc.
Sold for:   £70
Lot 284
Two Victorian walnut boxes, two Victorian tea caddies, and an Art Nouveau inlaid mahogany mantel clock, base detached, also to include a Lauren guitar
Sold for:   £65
Lot 285
A United Dairies (Trowbridge) milk churn, two-handled with cover, dated 1945, 20.5in., together with three copper cider measures, each with long iron handle
Sold for:   £35
Lot 286
An ornamental gilt-metal table lamp, stem in the form of a horse and foal, with shade
Sold for:   £40
Lot 287
Two pairs of brass candlesticks, pair of rococo-style easel mirrors, framed crystoleum, two large, framed panoramic prints, etc.
Sold for:   £75
Lot 288
A large Meerschaum pipe, with engraved silver mount and amber mouthpiece, in original case, another, rare carved design of a 19th century machine gunner, some damage, in original case, three cheroot holders, one cased, rare brass trench-art cartridge case, 'Verdun' and a miniature carved composition portrait bust
Estimate:  £80 - 100
Sold for:   £280
Lot 289
Ornamental brassware, including miniature miner's lamp, 3.5in., engraved Benares table on folding wood stand, also to include Britains moulded zoo animals, and a framed hippopotamus print, signed by artist K. J. Hayler
Sold for:   £20
Lot 290
A set of four colour prints after F. Newbould, "Your Britain - Fight for it Now"
Sold for:   £35
Lot 291
Two early Victorian silhouette portraits, male and female with bronzed detail, original frames, three further ebonised portrait frames, rosewood and parquetry box, 5in. and a miniature tortoiseshell box
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £150
Lot 292
A cast bronze bell, engraved with Latin script, 6.5in. high, cast brass inkwell in the form of HMS Victory, and an early 19th century oak tea caddy, 13in., also to include a wood solitaire board, a.f., and various coloured marbles
Sold for:   £25
Lot 293
Various household hand-tools, pine tool chest with some contents, etc.
Sold for:   £70
Lot 294
A set of nines dominoes within inlaid wood case, Parker fountain pen and matching pencil, glass bottle with embossed silver cover, witch's ball, etc.
Sold for:   £45
Lot 295
Miscellaneous prints and printed matter, prints after Gordon King, Terry McKwagan, Janet Rogers, Mark Chester, interesting newspapers, etc.
Sold for:   £10
Lot 296
A set of 37 Geographia touring maps, England and Wales, and four car manuals, Triumph and Norton
Sold for:   £10
Lot 297
Barsac - two bottles, produce of Calvet, France, Roberts Worthing labels, 75cl.
Sold for:   £30
Lot 298
A Hornby gauge 0 passenger locomotive, BR green livery, with tender, in original boxes, together with three Pullman coaches and three items of goods stock, good-excellent, boxes good
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Sold for:   £70
Lot 299
A scratch-built model paddle steamer, fully-rigged fore and aft masts, deck details include capstan, lifeboats and anchor, 30in. long including bowsprit, in modern glazed case
Estimate:  £75 - 100
Lot 300
Dinky Toys aircraft, including Light Racer, Light Tourer, Light Transport and Four Engined Liner, all early post-war, 18 total - playworn
Estimate:  £70 - 100
Sold for:   £50