Antiques, Furniture, Collectables & Household Sale on
Tuesday 14th March 2017
On view:
Saturday 11th March 9am - 1pm
Monday 13th March 9am - 4pm
Lots: 351-400 of 740
Lot 351
WWI medals, group of three to 8872 Cpl. R. Bosworth, Royal Irish Fusiliers, another, RFC., another, Oxf. & Bucks. Light Infantry, also to include buttons, cap badges, etc.
Estimate:  £80 - 100
Sold for:   £160
Lot 352
A large, early 20th century leather postcard album, filled with topographical postcards, spine lacking
Sold for:   £30
Lot 353
Books on calligraphy, other books and pictures
Sold for:   £50
Lot 354
The Graphic, including Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge, volume 33, January - June 1886, one board detached; spine lacking
Sold for:   £15
Lot 355
Rare Dean's Mickey Mouse Annual, 1930, first annual edition, together with a Mickey Mouse soft toy, circa 1930, 7in.
Estimate:  £120 - 150
Sold for:   £120
Lot 356
A photograph album, containing Worthing and other photographs, together with a book, Man and Animals by C. Darwin, 1872, as viewed
Sold for:   £30
Lot 357
Autographed books, sixteen total including Queen Noor, Roy Hattersley and Frank Muir
Sold for:   £20
Lot 358
A late 19th century ormolu mantel clock in Louis XV-style, convex enamelled dial and 8-day bell-striking movement, case elaborately cast with figural surmount, musical instruments, foliage and leafage in rococo-style, with key and pendulum, 19in. high SEE FRONT COVER
Estimate:  £600 - 800
Sold for:   £800
Lot 359
A late 19th century French ormolu wall clock, enamelled dial and 8-day bell-striking movement, case elaborately cast in rococo style, with pendulum, 22in. high
Estimate:  £300 - 500
Sold for:   £260
Lot 360
A Victorian mahogany wheel barometer, signed J. Denne, Cheltenham, with silvered thermometer, level, hygrometer and barometer dials, swan-neck pediment, 37in.
Estimate:  £120 - 150
Sold for:   £120
Lot 361
A Smith's Art Deco mantel clock, with two-tone mirror dial, and eight other mantel clocks, as viewed
Sold for:   £30
Lot 362
The Gledhill-Brook Time Recorder, early 20th century dark oak, wall-mounting, 45in.
Sold for:   £55
Lot 363
A large continental table clock, circular dial against an engraved and pierced brass ground, two-train movement striking on super-imposed cast brass bell, walnut case, with pendulum, 20in. high
Estimate:  £350 - 400
Sold for:   £340
Lot 364
A miniature oval carriage clock, enamelled dial and timepiece movement, brass case inset with two ceramic plaques, each painted with a cherub fly-catcher, with key, 4.25in. SEE ILLUSTRATION
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £150
Lot 365
A late 19th century walnut wall clock, architectural form with enamelled chapter ring, gong-striking movement, with key and grid-iron pendulum, 30in.
Sold for:   £40
Lot 366
An Edwardian inlaid mahogany mantel clock, dome-shape with French gong-striking movement, with key and pendulum, 8in.
Lot 367
An early 20th century inlaid mahogany mantel clock, silvered dial named Benetfink & Co., London, 8-day movement striking on two gongs, case with fluted quarter-columns, on brass toes, with key, 15in.
Estimate:  £150 - 200
Lot 368
An early 20th century mignonette carriage clock, enamelled dial and timepiece movement, backplate initialled C. V., engraved brass case with bevelled glass panes, with key, 4.5in. SEE ILLUSTRATION
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £180
Lot 369
An octagonal drop-dial wall clock, enamelled dial with date-ring, 24in. high, and a mantel clock with printed circular dial, 7in. - latter as viewed
Estimate:  £50 - 60
Lot 370
A 19th century boullework mantel clock, rococo shape with boulle and contra-boulle green tortoiseshell inlays, French movement striking on a bell, with key and pendulum, 12in.
Estimate:  £250 - 300
Sold for:   £500
Lot 371
A 19th century walnut clock-case, architectural form, 3ft. 8in. and another, similar, ebonised finish
Sold for:   £60
Lot 372
A Victorian walnut and marquetry drop-dial wall clock, 11in. enamelled dial, case with carved shoulders, with key, 32in. high
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Sold for:   £130
Lot 373
A 19th century walnut mantel clock, with convex enamelled dial and French timepiece movement, case with applied brass mounts and ebonised mouldings, with key, 8in.
Sold for:   £30
Lot 374
A Vienna-type wall clock, enamelled dial with timepiece movement, architectural case, with key, pendulum and weight, 40in.
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Sold for:   £100
Lot 375
A Victorian walnut aneroid wheel barometer, dial signed T. Buss, Hatton Garden, case carved with leaf-scrolls, 26in.
Estimate:  £50 - 60
Sold for:   £110
Lot 376
### A Poole polychrome posy vase, Beswick dog, other household china and glassware, etc.
Withdrawn lot.
Lot 377
A porcelain dinner and tea service, damaged 19th century ceramics, etc. - as viewed
Lot 378
A quantity of ornamental china, including a novelty nursery rhyme teapot
Sold for:   £10
Lot 379
Four various lead crystal decanters, each with stopper, and other household glassware
Sold for:   £15
Lot 380
A Victorian bone china novelty inkwell, in the form of a shoe, 5.5in. - chipped, two cast brass Buddha figures, painted elephant model, painted female figure and an alabaster jar, as viewed
Sold for:   £45
Lot 381
A Royal Standard bone china teaset, forty-two pieces including two serving plates, Paulette pattern, together with a ruby and silver-overlaid glass decanter, with stopper and a Goebel figure of a girl
Sold for:   £50
Lot 382
Cranberry and other glassware, various Wedgwood Blue Jasper ornaments, ceramic shoe ornaments, wood shoe-trees, etc.
Sold for:   £25
Lot 383
A continental Art Nouveau earthenware jardiniere, continuous design of stylised birds in bright enamels against a green ground, indistinct impressed mark, 11in. diameter
Lot 384
A quantity of ornamental china including Doulton series ware
Sold for:   £10
Lot 385
A cockerel collection, largely ceramic, miscellaneous
Sold for:   £40
Lot 386
A blue Whitefriars glass vase, cylindrical-shape, bark-effect, 9in., and other household china and glassware
Sold for:   £20
Lot 387
A Royal Doulton part dinner service, Desert Star, other household china and glassware
Sold for:   £50
Lot 388
No Lot
Lot 389
A pair of 19th century Worcester-style dessert plates, gadrooned gilt borders, 10in., together with a Royal Doulton figure, Rosemary, HN3143, and other ornamental china
Sold for:   £10
Lot 390
Various sets and part-sets of glass tableware, also to include cut decanter, fruit bowl with silver plated mount, etc.
Lot 391
Thirty various Jim Beam Bourbon whisky novelty flasks, each with stopper
Sold for:   £200
Lot 392
A Whitefriars tangerine glass vase, bark-effect, 7.5in., Victorian glass, engraved Present From Father and six other glass items
Sold for:   £40
Lot 393
A Royal Albert dinner, tea and coffee service, 72 pieces including teapot and coffee pot, Lavender Rose pattern
Sold for:   £280
Lot 394
A pair of lead crystal decanters, one other decanter, all with stoppers, and other household glassware
Sold for:   £45
Lot 395
A quantity of household china, ornamental and useful
Sold for:   £30
Lot 396
A collection of animal models, largely ceramic, including Beswick cat
Sold for:   £35
Lot 397
A Chinese porcelain pagoda figure inkwell, and an assortment of ceramic tableware including Wedgwood Jasper
Sold for:   £90
Lot 398
Three various ceramic chamber pots, decorated in underglaze blue, together with a Chinese porcelain stick-stand, 18in. - cracked, and a chip-carved wood horse-head
Lot 399
Assorted ornamental china, including a Beswick Beatrix Potter Hunca Munca
Sold for:   £35
Lot 400
A quantity of ornamental china, including Oriental, souvenir thimbles, postcards, etc.
Sold for:   £75