April 2014
Campbells sale in April was a busy affair with viewing numbers up followed by a well-attended auction day.

Great interest was shown in an Edwardian inlaid mahogany cabinet which had been spotted, only weeks prior, in a local charity shot, prices at £40.  The lucky purchaser sought the opinion of Paul Campbell, who valued it at £600/800 and it was subsequently entered for auction sale.  One can only imagine the owner's jubilation as he watched the bidding rise from £600 and finally reaching £1,650!  One man's gain is to the detriment of the charity's loss and Mr Campbell is always happy to give free advice to all charities.  To this end, Campbells are holding a valuation evening for Worthing Scope, Tuesday 20th May.  Enquiries to the auctioneers are invited.

Another pleasing result was that of a Chinese side table, elaborately carved in rosewood but all joints were considerably loose and general condition could best be described as "poor".  Estimated at £300/400, bidding was again extremely competitive and telephone lines full.  The table was eventually bid to £2,500.

April's sale included ceramics, silver and jewellery and paintings and the selling rate of 92% was exceptional.