December 2014


"This place gets one rather flustered, The sea is salt but the girls are mustard".

Estimate: £700-800

Campbells hold their final sale of the year shortly, Tuesday 9th December and look forward to offering some 500 lots of antiques and collectables.  Among them is the handsome mahogany kneehole desk, circa 1770, more or less unscathed since the day it was made.  It's estimated at £1,000/£1,500.  There's also a Georgian bracket clock, £1,000/£1,500, a sonorous musical box playing five loud bells, a rosewood apothecary's box and a very unusual 'candlestick' scale for weighing letters in envelopes.  A private collection of wines, both red and white from France and from further afield make a timely appearance and a quarter-size snooker table will amuse all those lucky enough to come and view.

Looking forward to 2015, the auctioneers have plenty "on the shelves" with a sumptuous Welsh porcelain dessert service awaiting it's deserved attention (£15,000/£20,000) and a large collection of saucy seaside postcards await the summer months.  Of greatest interest here are the watercolour 'originals' painted by the master, Donald McGill (1875-1962), whose publishers once operated in Littlehampton, Sussex.  It was from the original watercolours that these famous and peculiarly British postcards were ultimately produced.  This sale will be a wonderful bonanza of Donald's busty battle-axes, beautiful bathing belles and the hen-pecked husbands with timeless one-liners that have been enjoyed by millions since 1910!

Postcard 2

"I've no money left at the end of the week, But I've got a lot of week left at the end of my money"

Estimate: £700-800