May 2016

Lot 195

Campbells look forward to their next offering, Tuesday June 14th, which will complete a busy stretch of ten sales over the last twelve months.  During this time, Worthing has played venue to many of the country's leading jewellers as the auctioneers near the end of a significant consignment of gold, silver and jewellery.  This is the collection of a local, deceased gentleman, whose executors have since benefited from the auctioneer's considered plan to release this vast quantity of precious items at a gentle 'drip-feed', whilst watching the slow but steady rise in the price of precious metals over the intervening months.

April's sale this year threw up some interesting results including the Ekco Bakelite radio of around 1935.  It's a rare type but condition of the case was against and the workings were sadly faulty.  This didn't seem to bother bidders on auction day and it reached £420! (shown lot 195).  Another lot that exceeded all expectations was a Poole pottery jar.  (shown lot 408).  Art Deco Poole was avidly collected some 15/20 years ago but has tailed off somewhat recently.  Newly-enhanced digital technology (that enhances instant yet remote live-bidding) brought a number of hopefuls together, linked and locked into competition by their computers.  Estimated at £150, bidding finally closed at £700.

Another thing to look forward to, in fact to relish, is the prospect of a sale entirely devoted to famous signatures and autographs.  To touch the surface only, the signatures of all the Kings and Queens going back to George II (died 1760) will feature in the sale, which is to take place some time during the second half of this year.  Other names bring the past to life:  The Duke of Wellington and his famous adversary, Napoleon, Hitler and Mussolini, Churchill, Mikhail Gorbachev, Harry Houdini, Buffalo Bill Cody, Rudyard Kipling, Indira Ghandi, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Nicholas Culpepper, Southey, Byron, Dickens and Wordsworth.... and hundreds more!

Lot 408