Sellers Conditions of Sale

Commission 15% which includes all expenses of sale, EXCEPT Removal, Photography, Damage/Loss Warranty and V.A.T.

Minimum Commission of £5.00 per lot plus V.A.T. sold or unsold.  Payment within 3 weeks of sale.

A charge of 30% of the reserve or lower estimate will be made if any lot is withdrawn after the catalogue has been printed.

These will be accepted when given in writing, but cannot exceed the lower estimate.  The auctioneers reserve the right to sell at one bid below the agreed reserve.

Minimum reserves: £50.00

Reserves on lots unsold from previous sales will be automatically reduced by 50% with estimated reduced accordingly.  Variations to this policy must be advised well in advance of the sale.

Cover will be affectedat a rate of 1.5% + V.A.T. on items offered.  This figure will be calculated upon the lower estimate, reserve or hammer price, whichever is the greater.

Full conditions of sale will be included in our catalogue and are available for inspection at the office.